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Each year, the MyWIC Camp raises money to purchase supplies for all of our campers and make their experience the best it can be. Among these supplies are backpacks, t-shirts, household tools, boots, safety equipment, lunch and much, much more! Therefore, we need help from people like you. Our networks are broad, and we all come from different construction backgrounds! If you are already getting involved this year, please utilize our sample letter below to encourage your network to also get involved. If you are not already involved, please consider assisting our efforts in making a difference for these young women. Every little bit helps!

See sample letter here:

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Volunteers provide adult supervision and ensure a safe and well-supervised learning experience for the campers.

Preparation/Clearances: Volunteers must submit Child Abuse and Criminal Record Clearances to MyWIC prior to the first day of camp.  Clearances are free, but could take a month to receive, so please complete these forms EARLY. Please send clearances to MyWIC@nawicpf.org once received.

Child Abuse Clearance - Use this website: 

Criminal Record Check - Use this website: 

VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION We are holding a mandatory volunteer orientation on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, from 5:00pm-7:00pm. We would like to allow everyone to meet the professionals they will be working with, go over the camp schedule, and discuss all volunteer expectations. We will provide location details upon confirming your volunteer status. If you cannot attend, please contact Lynne Tracy at TracyLy@chop.edu.

DRESS CODE - Volunteers must lead by example and abide by the dress code of the construction industry. This includes long pants, t-shirts, and closed-toed shoes (boots preferred). Dangling jewelry or anything that can get caught in a tool or machine is strictly prohibited. We will provide each volunteer with a camp t-shirt to wear.

CONDUCT - Disrespect towards fellow volunteers, campers, or instructors will not be tolerated. No profanity, headphones, or smoking is allowed.  Campers are to abide by the same conduct. You have the authority to enforce the rules to the campers and are expected to do so. 

DUTIES - We are requesting you register to volunteer for two days within the same week (strongly preferred, but not required) to cover two camp days/trade visits. We believe this will provide some much-needed consistency for the girls. Camp days are approximately 8:45am-3:30pm. Volunteers are expected to coach, mentor, and ensure a safe, well-supervised learning experience for the young women attending camp. Please know that this is a learning experience for everyone, and no formal training or trade experience is required to be a volunteer.


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